SANXC is an international currency created and managed by the Foreign LLC, Native SAN & Company, which is based in State of Alabama, through the guidance of Chief Yavapai El. SANXC, known as Sovereign Aniyunwiya Nation Exchange, has implemented a new way of digitized coin and cash through the Bitcoin and Crypto world of marketing, and has developed using its’ strategies by networking with World Temple and Nibiru Exchange. This portion includes, SANXC and Native SAN & Company to whom provides a partnered experience for humanitarian assistance globally and throughout the Americas.


Chief Yavapai El, President: Corporate & Tribal Community Integrations

Chief Yavapai El carries with him a great deal of valuable assets in the social network of developing public/private relationships. Situated in Alabama, Chief Yavapai El carries a responsibility that varies in its’ list. This list includes:

  • The achievements of ready-alliances and keeping a stronghold of compatible connections with foundations of the Tribes who hold the key to civilization and development in Mexico, California, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, etc.;
  • Offering resolutions towards leadership, chaplain, disaster management and other supportive experts for intergovernmental relations with international organizations public and private;
  • Community necessity and preparation in the assigning of project planning.
  • Serving as President and Chief for multiple Tribal Nations and Tribal Communities, non-profit organizations (intergovernmental affairs) for future planning.
  • Creating workspace and meeting grounds for facilitating group task
  • Networking and organizing new structures for Tribes and other Organizations

Chief Yavapai’s tribal and intergovernmental experience includes but not limited to (working with): Academy of Universal Global Peace & Affiliations (United Nations University for Global Peace), the Governing Board of World Governing Council of Governors;

  • United Nations GC/DESA/AI European Union
  • United Nations Mission of International Relations
  • American Diplomatic Mission of International Relations
  • Diplomatic Mission/Peace and Prosperity
  • United Nations Academic Impact
  • The Global Compact
  • State of New York Chaplain Federation (SNYCF)
  • Logos University and Hebron Eco University
  • Iroquois Council Autochthon American Nation (ICAAN)

Degree of Education          H.E. His Excellency in Ambassadorship and Training 2021

                                            United Nations University                  New York, New York

                                            Diplomatic Degree: Chaplain and Disaster Mgt           2021

                                            American University                           New York, New York

James E. Jones Jr.

As an addition, we include our business partner and assistant representing from a Board of Directors of the El Foundation Trust, the El Foundation Group, the El Foundation International LLC, and EMBLEM Advanced Consultants and Services, and EMBLEM Advance Consultancies and Services, to include that Mr. Jones is currently President and CEO of Edward and Jones, LLC as well as a Principal with the Alees for Trading firm. Mr. Jones directs the strategic operations planning and advisement on facilitation to the projects. He has extensive knowledge of strategic planning, network development, physical security and vulnerability program evaluation and analysis, business impact analysis, continuity of operations, and disaster recovery procedures. With more than 25 years of public safety experience in both the public and private business sectors, and has been involved in extensive international business development activities and network development activities. Jones is currently assisting officials in 5 different countries with business development, project management, business operations, and strategic planning initiatives. In his former position with James Lee Witt and Associates, Jones assisted James Lee Witt – former Director of FEMA, Rodney Slater – former Secretary of Transportation, and General Wesley Clark – former NATO Commander (President Clinton’s Administration Cabinet Members) as a project lead for providing and directing security and vulnerability analysis, continuity of operations assessments, designing emergency operations plans, and in developing business opportunities in various national and international markets.


As a huge thank you to our internal management partners, it is highly intended to take advantage in the use of our readily available tools in the partnering, and adequate relationships with independent souls, to which we have worked with and understood the many different aspects of evolutionary points and gatherings of staged implementations of constructing teams and advancing.

Our Companionship of Corporate Relations

With a team of professionals, most who are equipped with knowledge of information technology, business in financial fields as an outlet to support the means of economy, law, project management, real estate and logistics, etc., we have been eager to announce our recent connections to various international organizations as a method of networking and channeling across the globe to others who need assistance in these areas.

Theoretical Analysis for Economic Growth

On our mission to sustainability worldwide, we have established a firm connection with intergovernmental relations to generate streams of capital for an economical incline. This theoretical analysis allows our neighboring organizations and affiliates to position themselves for equal opportunities in managing poverty in order to liken the results of an economical increase to the disadvantaged. It has abridged our distances to countries or territories for an easier access to ones who need assistance from political leaders who stand for aiding targeted areas of vulnerable citizens. Our connection to other governments and its intergovernmental organizations allows our Humanitarian efforts to proceed without innovative tactics to disorganize and rid away the projects and resolution that stabilize communities and reduced city populations of many nations around the world.


                                      IROQUOIS COUNSEL AUTOCHTHON AMERICAN NATION

   Our tribal organization is partnering with I.C.A.A.N. in Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania, which involves projects that include reconstruction on several blighted properties. The properties will be remodeled in a luxury style appearance that will give three floor levels a different appearance of office, dining, spa and salon, includes but not limited to, a neighboring lot and community center to introduce activities, such as food services, aquaponic greenhouse and fish farming. The project is expected to take place next year in 2022, and while we are working with a law firm, the group is dedicated to the meeting grounds located in Pittsburgh, PA where we are able to address issues and planning, helping us to perform such methods of contracting and construction by a suspected date proposed for spring of next year. At a time like this, expectations leads one to feel a critical necessity for leading companies and umbrellas to bring forth unity efforts to present the major discomforts early. With this challenge, we strongly feel the need for aiming at three simple focus points; (1) learning while focusing on the key charter points in reference to the Tribes sustainability methods, (2) aims toward the unification of various entities and their respective goals for targeting financial preparedness, and (3) maintaining the perfected performance of Treaty alliances and other proposed agreements. The teams’ strategies makes way for effective scenarios, along with project alignment where international and foreign relations carry the intentions to make definite the roles and skill levels to an adequate measure of capable organizations who work together.

Chief Healing-Water: Chief Governor & Prime Minister: International Humanitarian Relations and Conservatorship

Chief Healing-Water has been serving as leader of the Iroquois Council Autochthon American Nation (ICAAN), in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; managing a $280,000,000 million (USD) project in Tribal and Conservatorship planning for budgeting: Education, Women Empowerment, Institutional Structuring, Youth and Infant structuring and other programs.

Healing-Water has maintained a fully sustainable measure in educating and facilitating fundraising and other measures of funding sources for his Tribe’s development.

Healing-Water has represented ICAAN in national/international and regional operations.

Chief Healing-Water has multiple challenges faced in the following areas:

  • Overseeing and Managing education
  • Overseeing international conference calls with World Leaders & other Nations/Tribes
  • Monitoring & Overseeing Chaplain Training with various members and newcomers
  • Assisting in Disaster Management and thorough recruitment
  • Structuring developmental causes for Global Peace and Safety
  • Maintaining measures for enlightenment on causes and effects Globally
  • Coordinating volunteer methods
  • Conducting contractual means for stability thru Conservatorship Plans
  • Creating workspace and meeting grounds for facilitating group task
  • Networking and organizing new structures for Tribes and other Organizations

Degree of Education          H.E. His Excellency in Ambassadorship and Training 2021

                                            United Nations University                  New York, New York

                                            Diplomatic Degree: Chaplain and Disaster Mgt           2021

                                            American University                           New York, New York

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