Our Nation’s Global Humanitarian Projects Strategy covers all aspects of humanitarian and community outreach within the worldwide context, includes but not limited to, our U.S.-based locations who partner with similar organizations and tribes in their respective communities, as well as its’ connections to international and non-U.S.-based entities operating in their respective locations worldwide. It also involves matters of management of global career and workforces, expatriation and repatriation, human resource practices and ecclesiastical/public or private laws around the globe, meaning those arising therefrom, in specific countries, regions, and their respective territories.

Founder and Chairman His Eminence Most Rev. Dr. Madhu Krishan, India and Chief Governor His Excellency Rev. Dr. Kiwi Kalloo, Trinidad & Tobago & UNUGP/AUGP-USA, represent core partners in many locations. The said worldwide pandemic crisis of the said, COVID-19 & DELTA variant, has made this strategic planning most necessary to establish the economical/sustainability measure to uphold especially heavy populated and large city areas who will be or have been impacted. The updating of this Executive Summary takes into consideration a more detailed expression of humanitarian services that have been thoroughly examined to be taken into high consideration for our international communities, who need these peculiar steps around the Nation. We have also covered the need for (1) Trinidad, Haiti and Saint Lucia, on the need for disaster preparation, aid and assistance due to hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and tsunamis caused by volcanic activity and rapid changes in the earth, which could cause an interruption with our cyberspace and hemispheres, leading to other drastic chaos in those moments of disaster or the COVID-19/DELTA variant; (2) American Indian/Native Indian or Indigenous Territories, as they take on or face challenges brought on by the lack of health sustained consciousness and dietary functioning due to insufficient economic and poor sustainability issues; (3) Immigration & Migrant Concerns/Issues which have become a viral complication for people who are trying to raise their families out of struggling conditions, roughly the elderly, and on the rise, young teens, who need food and trustworthy sheltering and programming; (4) providing economic funding to 88% (percent) Historically-known Universities of the so-called or formerly known Blacks who we recognize as Moors/Mu’urs among S.A.N. and its’ communities; (5) providing the same but with development of the Rockies and Appalachian States, (6) coming together to join in with projects who have Islamic/Coptic belief, the United Nations, and the World Bank, Bank of America, and UNICEF to address International Restriction Policies hindering Human Rights, (7) joining with local community organizations and public entities for local areas in need of sustainability (wherever possible) in reference to Urban and Rural or Underdeveloped (Blight-filled) locations affected with homelessness and pandemic-like crisis’s such as COVID-19/DELTA variant, and (8) getting with local international governments to address humanitarian struggles and raising funds for increasing economy and development, namely Haiti and Morocco.  With regards to the above mentioned areas of focus, we are very happy and proud to introduce this project, and excited to spend our time learning and putting forth the initiative, along with His Excellency Dr. Kiwi Kalloo and Associates, as we expand into plans with UNUGP & AUGP-USA group, and while participating in conferences to establish growth in the world of building balance and harmony thru exercising peace practices, and executing steps in world issues arising, not to mention using what we know to help African Diaspora and the Americas along with their adjoining Islands.