Native SAN & Company and Native Sun Finance, LLC serves as a holding company for the Tribal Trust and A.T.M.A. (Ambassador Temple of Moorish America) or -[S.A.N.] which also serves as the foundation for the introduction of our humanitarian aims and business advantages for financial and preparatory funding, building micro nations. Native SAN are the overseers, managing the financial means of its’ program ‘F.O.C.U.S.’ (Freedom of Consciously United States), and its Members of A.T.M.A. focuses on teaching the fundamental principals of freedom, love, truth, peace, hope and equality, while proudly serving as the spiritual foundation and uncanny substances for better manifested dreams. The Native SAN & Company have successfully received the credential of the ALABAMA Secretary of STATE Office to freely share its existence throughout the territories. Currently in the process of spreading Native SAN & Company far and widely throughout the United States’ regions, its’ components have registered in St Paul, Minnesota, Columbus, Ohio Washington, District of Columbia Metropolitan areas, New York, New York (Manhattan regions), revisiting Los Angeles, California, and soon establishing offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Presidio & Hudspeth counties, TX. The individuals who reside or visit these areas either manage with an existing relationship in and outside those locations now and/or the potential and desire to provide humanitarian services to their respective communities

Her Excellency (H.E.)/Minister/Ambassador Clan Mother Red Wolf Bey